When our founders, Greg Loomar and Lee Epstein recognized the issues created by the lack of regulation in the CBD industry, they resolved to do something about it. They noticed that no one really trusted CBD products and how many of the supposed "top CBD products" sold in America were contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, mold and worse. They knew that this was untenable for consumers seeking to take advantage of  the powerful curative properties of CBD, so they founded CannaServe with the mission of carefully curating ethically sourced seed-to-oil CBD products. They knew that the 64 million Americans who used CBD wanted to find a source of organically grown, family-farmed CBD that they could trust and be certain the CBD was effective, potent, and safe – and so CannaServe was born.

While CannaServe has gone through some iterations, the goal of providing a trusted information source, education and e-commerce marketplace of carefully sourced, domestic, and organic CBD products has never changed and is integral to CannaServe's mission today.


Greg is the CEO of CannaServe and manages the current and long term strategic, legal and business planning, as well as oversight in all areas of business operations, branding, intellectual property, marketing and finance. Lee is the CIO of CannaServe and is involved in strategic planning and the day to day operations of CannaServe.

After Greg co-founded CannaServe he quickly turned it into a family affair when he got his two daughters, Ava and Jenna, on board to head the creative team. Ava is a journalist at the University of Florida and Editorial Director of Rowdy Magazine.


She helps CannaServe build a cohesive brand through all copy and multimedia elements and ensures we stay true to our team values of transparency and purity in CBD. Jenna is a graduate student of integrated marketing at NYU. She develops the social media strategies for CannaServe and collaborates on all design concepts for every aspect of the brand.

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